Hong Kong Osteopathic Association

The HKOA is a professional association for Osteopaths. Created in 2012, its objectives are to create unity amongst the HK Osteopaths and inform the public about the benefits of Osteopathic Medicine.

Our goal is to assist our members in meeting the osteopathic needs of individuals and communities.

We do so by:

  • Working with members to ensure high standards of osteopathic practice
  • Promoting the benefits of osteopathy
  • Ensuring continual education and professional development for Osteopaths
  • Facilitating media relations and information to the general public

Osteopaths are primary health care practitioners with an in depth knowledge of anatomy that considers each person as an individual. Osteopaths use gentle and safe techniques that aim at restoring function in the human body.

If the systems of the body function in harmony, and structure and function are synchronised, it will create the perfect environment to promote the healing process.