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Everything You Need to Know About Osteopathy – HKOA for Liv Magazine

HKOA article in Liv Magazine's June 2021 issue


Curious as to what the difference is between an Osteopath, a Physiotherapist, and a Chiropractor? Well, we have the answer here.

Published in Liv Magazine‘s June issue and written by Katherine Bond-Webster on behalf of us at the Hong Kong Osteopathic Association, this is a wonderful guide for those who haven’t dipped their toes into the discipline yet.


Covid-19 procedures and recommendations to Osteopathy clinics

Covid-19 procedures and recommendations to Osteopathy clinics Damien Mouellic President HKOA

Letter from Damien Mouellic, President HKOA:

Dear HKOA Members,

As we monitor the situation and impacts of the coronavirus in Hong Kong and globally, it is becoming increasingly crucial for everyone to implement some form of preventative measures to contain the spread.

In Hong Kong, there has been a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases over the last few days and unfortunately, this number will continue rising unless we take a stand as a community. Businesses around the world are implementing measures and being in the health & wellness industry, it is even more important for us to lead by example.