Osteopath – Alastair Sherlock

 Alastair Sherlock
Phone No.
1903A 19/F The Centrium, 60 Wyndham St
Clinic :
Optimal Family Health
Alastair is an English Osteopath, graduated from Oxford Brooke’s University in 2008 after completing a thesis in Cervical spine dysfunction’s impact on proprioception and resulting complaints.

Alastair’s initial training encompassed a mixture of structural training on a foundation of classical Osteopathy. Subsequent training in other modalities-Cranial, Visceral, Indirect and ligementous and fascial technique are integrated with previous professional experience and qualification in exercise physiology, nutrition, personal training and rehabilitation.

Having worked for many years with patients working in high stress corporate environments, Alastair developed a special interest in the impact physiology and psychology impacted on each other resulting in the design of a unique treatment regimen to counter these factors. This resulted in a consultancy delivering wellness solutions to individuals and companies in the corporate field.

Alongside structural evaluation, psychological, neurological, hormonal and nutritional factors are assessed together with lifestyle and sleep patterns to achieve and restore balance and therefore wellness.

Alastair works alongside other practioners in a medical and holistic way to provide fully comprehensive wellness solutions.