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About the HKOA

The Hong Kong Osteopathic Association (HKOA) was founded to safeguard the osteopathic profession and the general public from under qualified practitioners in Hong Kong and Asia.   



The main aims of the HKOA are;

  • To ensure that patients receive the highest standards of osteopathic care

  • Increase awareness of osteopathic practice and its health benefits

The HKOA provides information and resources for its members and members of the public who use osteopathic services and who wish to find a registered Osteopath in Hong Kong.

The HKOA represents the interests of Osteopaths, osteopathy as a profession and consumer's right to access osteopathic services.

To qualify as a member of the HKOA, Osteopaths must have either completed a 4 year full time Osteopathic Diploma / Degree course or must be currently registered with the following accredited organisations;

  • NZKO

  • GOSC


They must also have proof of current indemnity insurance.

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