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Jonathan Vallade

Jonathan Vallade


Jon In Motion


Discovery Bay


South Plaza Discovery Bay


English & French


Jonathan Vallade is a French Osteopath graduate in 2011, member of the Hong Kong Osteopathic Association and a personal trainer. With expertise in general osteopathic treatment for adults, children, and athletes, he priorities patient comfort and uses techniques like myo tensive muscle techniques, sport massage and joint manipulation. Jonathan takes the time to understand the root causes of his patients' issues and provides personalized exercise plans for faster healing and long-term recovery. He holds qualifications from the European Center of Osteopathy Higher Education (2011), as well as diplomas in Anatomy and Physical Education & Sport. Outside of his practice, Jonathan's passion for martial arts (Chinese Kung fu, Brazilian Jiujitsu) and yoga has enriched his understanding of the human body and diverse cultures.

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